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“Let them go” Plead the parents of the missing youths

Morelia Michoacan, August 2012 (AIM). – Parents of the three young members of the Movimiento Ciudadano party who disappeared in Paracho on July 22nd, came to the capital city to plead that the kidnappers to bring them back alive. “We beg for compassion and mercy, please let them go.” Luis…

Parents of missing youth in Paracho cry for help

Morelia, Mich. – Parents of the three young people who disappeared weeks ago in the capital travelled to Paracho Michoacan, to demand help from the authorities in Michoacan to find their children. The relatives of the victims were accompanied by the national leader of the Movimiento Ciudadano, senator Luis Walton….

„Movimiento Ciudadano“ activists kidnapped

Press-clip from „El Economista.mx“ on July 26th 2012 This weekend two members of the party „Movimiento Ciudadano“ were abducted in Paracho, Michoacán. Luis Enrique Castañeda Nava, coordinator of the party’s youth movement and Diego Antonio Maldonado Castañeda, activist and psychologist, along with Ana Belen Sánchez, also psychologist, were hired by…