Global Protest – How to participate

Action No Mas Victimas
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In protest of the FORCED DISAPPEARANCE of Ana Belém S. Mayorga, Diego A. Maldonado and Luis Enrique Castañeda NOMOREVICTIMS (NOMASVICTIMAS) is starting to take global action!

How to participate in this urgent action:

1) Download and print this JPG file

2) Put it up in a highly frequented street or city square

3) Document it by taking a photo. It’s important that a bit of the surroundings, the headline “No Más Víctimas” and the pictures of Ana, Diego and Luis be well seen.

4) Send your photo to us
– via our Facebook inbox
– or via email to
– or upload it on this page
– or tweet the photo with hash tag #ProtestaGlobal or address it to @NoMasVictimas1

5) Don’t forget to include the following information in your message:
– country, city and street where you took the picture
– date
– your name or a nickname that we can publish next to your photo in our online gallery at NOMASVICTIMAS.ORG

Help us to gather more people for this online global protest!

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