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Release them, please

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3S-H3N46B3M By Danielle Dithurbide | Source: Noticieros Televisa | 2012-10-11 Parents join forces to find their children who were kidnapped in Paracho, Michoacán. Where are they? This question since 21 July three families ask every day. And after question, a request, a plea: Please Release Them. Diego Antonio Maldonado, Ana…

Paracho Drug lords could have abducted the three MC activists

Mexico: Missing youths have not returned to Michoacán. PGJE officials refuse to assist their parents. Martin Equihua, correspondent Paracho, September 9. – “Jesus Padilla, commander of the State Attorney General, told us about eight days ago that the problem originated in the Santa Fe hotel bar, with “el Güero” and…

Michoacan, no man’s land or official transnational terrorism Lab?

by Mattia Pascal 11/08/2012 The ineptitude, corruption and neglect of the former Leonel Godoy Rangel (Democratic Revolutionary Party) (PRD) government that the current constitutional governor of Michoacan, Fausto Vallejo, inherited, are reflected every day in the Purepecha Meseta.