Paracho Drug lords could have abducted the three MC activists

Mexico: Missing youths have not returned to Michoacán. PGJE officials refuse to assist their parents.
Martin Equihua, correspondent

Paracho, September 9. – “Jesus Padilla, commander of the State Attorney General, told us about eight days ago that the problem originated in the Santa Fe hotel bar, with “el Güero” and “El Pájaro” , who wanted to dance with Anita or to force her into something else, and the boys defended her, ” says Jose Manuel Castañeda, father of Luis Enrique Castañeda Nava, who along with Ana Belén and Diego Armando was kidnapped early in the morning of July 22nd in this county.

Now, neither the commander Padilla nor the Anti-kidnapping director, Margarita Sanchez, are answering the parents’ phone calls despite having been instructed to do so. On August 7th, parents of the victims did get through but felt that they “remained surprised at our call for justice.”

That day at the PGJE facilities in Morelia, alleged agents approached the parents apparently in solidarity with them saying that “we should be afraid, they said we were in danger in Michoacan, we were being watched, we had better go back to Mexico,” says Luis Enrique’s father.

Reassurances from the commander Padilla informing them that the people responsible for the kidnapping were leaders of organized crime in the region and they “were killed”, as was reported in the press. Despite these deaths, “We haven’t settled everything.” For starters, he says, we would have to take into account that the people involved in the kidnapping have others who would carry on for them.

Another challenge is to determine the whereabouts of the disappeared youths. The parents will visit the Michoacan capital again in the coming days and will seek to meet with the governor Fausto Vallejo Figueroa.

Luis Enrique felt “Full of life in Paracho”

His two year old daughter was expecting him to come back in the morning. Mariana Breton, mother of the girl and nearly eight months pregnant, does not know how to justify the abduction of her husband Luis Enrique. No answers but prescriptions, stomach pains and tears of the soul.

On Saturday afternoon, July 21st, Luis Enrique told his wife he was “full of life in Paracho. Working here is different to what I was doing with youth in the city. I love this trip.” That was the last contact she had. On Monday, his mother called her on a “sheer hunch” to ask Mariana about her son and it was then that she learned of his boosted will.

Mariana and Luis Enrique have been a couple for nearly a decade. “We joined together in the desire to travel, progress, change the bad things of the world.” She testifies that her husband “believed that the best policy is to believe in peaceful change”, and that he’s always a helping hand to family and friends, while maintaining interest in raising awareness among young people. “He’s concerned about apathy, unemployment and the emptiness of so many.”

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