“Let them go” Plead the parents of the missing youths

Morelia Michoacan, August 2012 (AIM). – Parents of the three young members of the Movimiento Ciudadano party who disappeared in Paracho on July 22nd, came to the capital city to plead that the kidnappers to bring them back alive. “We beg for compassion and mercy, please let them go.”

Luis Enrique Castañeda Nava, Nava Diego Antonio Maldonado and Ana Belen Sanchez Mayorga, young leaders of the Movimiento Ciudadano party, had come at the invitation of the House of Culture of the municipality to provide a workshop for children, that was the reason for their visit.

The mayor of Paracho was asked to take responsibility for the case, since the incident took place in his town. Led by the senator and the nation’s leading policy institute, Luis Walton, also held a meeting with the state attorney Placido Torres Pineda, who summoned them to inform the state of the initial investigation, as it has been 15 days since they were violently taken from their hotel, and there are still no results.

The family members present: Laura Beatriz Guerrero Castaneda, Guadalupe Nava and Juan Manuel Castañeda Guerrero, are dismayed, their heads bowed with tears in their eyes, reported not having received any call or communication or ransom demand so far.

Beatriz Castaneda cried, “Our children have not done anything to anyone.” Although they are linked to the youth movement, they were only in Paracho giving workshops for children. Two of them, Diego and Ana Belen are child psychologists, while Luis is a communications expert. That Saturday of their disappearance, they had just been working with the children.

Meanwhile, Alicia Nava, mother of the girl, was the one who raised her voice to demand Paracho munícipality to help find their children: “We do not need to know anything about who has them, just return them to us.”

The legislature confirmed that Aburto Walton has not only spoken to the state attorney general of Justice, but also with the Federation, and ruled out the possibility that the abduction has political overtones.

He clarified saying they do not seek the guilty party, only the safe return of the youths who have nothing to do “with other circumstances, we are not pointing fingers at anyone, just release them,” and announced that the Movimiento Ciudadano continues to support the parents of three youths, who had already made several trips to Michoacan “and nothing like this has ever happened before” and had given workshops in other states.

Michoacana, Agosto Information Agency 7, 2012

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