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Diego Antonio Maldonado (34)
Mexico native, psychologist, and University del Valle graduate. He works mainly in schools with children and teenagers. He often volunteers for school non-violence programs. He has also participated in programs promoting scientific activities in schools across the country. He is a person who has big plans for the future. He dedicates himself to serving the country, maintain its prosperity and further development.
He was abducted from the Hotel Santa Fe, in Paracho, Michoacan on the 21st of July 2012 after the Cantoya balloon festival.

Worldwide clamor: Where are they?

Verónica Espinosa 01.01.2013 For over five months they have spread the news throughout Europe and Canada about the disappearance of Ana Belém Sánchez Mayorga, Luis Enrique Castañeda Nava Maldonado and his cousin Diego Castañeda. The members of the group “No Más Víctimas!” (No More Victims!) have pressured Michoacán authorities and…

“Let them go” Plead the parents of the missing youths

Morelia Michoacan, August 2012 (AIM). – Parents of the three young members of the Movimiento Ciudadano party who disappeared in Paracho on July 22nd, came to the capital city to plead that the kidnappers to bring them back alive. “We beg for compassion and mercy, please let them go.” Luis…