„Movimiento Ciudadano“ activists kidnapped

Press-clip from „El Economista.mx“ on July 26th 2012

This weekend two members of the party „Movimiento Ciudadano“ were abducted in Paracho, Michoacán. Luis Enrique Castañeda Nava, coordinator of the party’s youth movement and Diego Antonio Maldonado Castañeda, activist and psychologist, along with Ana Belen Sánchez, also psychologist, were hired by the town council to give a workshop for children at a local festival known as „Festival Internacional de Globos de Cantoya,“ (International Balloon Festival).

Guadalupe Nava, Luis Enrique’s mother, stated that all three of them came back to their hotel rooms after finishing the workshop on Saturday evening. At about 2 am, they were violently taken out of their hotel rooms. „There were traces of a struggle in the corridor and in the stairways“, she said.
The victims’ families reported the abduction and sought action.

Meanwhile, Roberto Velasco, national coordinator of Movimiento Ciudadano’s youth, said that the movement’s members will call on all possible institutions and demand action on this case.
He also said he had met with Mexican senators Dante Delgado and Luis Walton, to whom he personally explained the case.
„Dante Delgado and Luis Walton asked for a national call (…) to the state and local authorities to demand inmediate and strong intervention in this case in order to clearify the nature of events.“

He confirmed Diego Maldonado’s activism within Movimiento Ciudadano.

When he was asked about possible causes for Diego’s abduction, he answered there were none he could think of. „I can attest that, having known and worked with him for six years now, he is a good guy. He is really focused on his own work and studies (…) They are good people.“

Source: El Eleconomista Secuestran a militantes del Movimiento ciudadano

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