Disappeared in Mexico; a crisis ignored

In Mexico, cases of missing and disappeared persons have reached crisis levels. During the administration of President Felipe Calderon, who assumed office in 2006, thousands of Mexicans have vanished without a trace and some families are trying to make sure the issue isn’t lost in the upcoming presidential transition. Shannon Young reports. Continue reading

About the silent disappearance of three Mexicans. Or: Democracy being blind on one eye

When three people disappear quietly without causing any commotion to the authorities and society, how strong and loud should be the shouts of relatives and friends so they can be finally listened? Or is it that justice in Mexico is only given to those who are sons of rich businessmen, of politicians, or of those who can afford it?


Mexico, journey that changed my life (Open letter from Edo)

I am a student of Fine Arts from Greece and have always had the dream to see places outside Europe, other cultures and landscapes. As far as a very good way to do it was through studies, I decided to apply for a scholarship for studying in Mexico. I was lucky enough that my dream came true: in 2010 I got a scholarship to study Fine Arts at the National School of Plastic Arts of the UNAM!

My joy was great! I always wished to travel there, to learn this ancient culture, to see precious relics, the art of the past and present, beautiful scenerys those I saw in photographs, to taste so famous cuisine! All friends who had traveled to Mexico, returned with best impressions and the wish to visit this country again! Continue reading

Press Release Yo Soy 132 Munich #AnaToñoKikeDóndeEstán

Múnich October 15th, 2012

To the people of Mexico,
To the International Community,
To the International Media,

By hereby we denounce the forced disappearance of Diego Maldonado Castañeda (34), Ana Belem Sanchez Mayorga (30) and Luis Enrique Castañeda Nava (28) during their visit to Paracho, Michoacan, Mexico, from the Hotel Santa Fe on Sunday July 22th. So far the authorities have refuse to investigate the case, concealment of clues and rejects do a physical search of the dissapeared persons. Continue reading