Release them, please
By Danielle Dithurbide | Source: Noticieros Televisa | 2012-10-11

Parents join forces to find their children who were kidnapped in Paracho, Michoacán.

Where are they? This question since 21 July three families ask every day. And after question, a request, a plea: Please Release Them.
Diego Antonio Maldonado, Ana Belem Sanchez and Luis Enrique Castaneda, whom family and friends called Toño, Ana and Kike were kidnapped in the hotel they were staying in Paracho, Michoacan, one from most dangerous regions in Mexico…
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Relatives of kidnapped youths accuse the mayor in harbouring perpetrators

28.09.2012 Paris Martínez

Relatives of three young persons those were abducted by an armed group on 22 July in Paracho, Michoacán, Mexico and still are missing, reported that there are significant contradictions between the version of events provided by municipal authorities and statements of witnesses of the abduction, which reveal that “at least the mayor of Paracho, Nicholas Vargas Zalapa, conceals the abductors.” Continue reading

Parents asking for help to find their children

During an interview on “At 15” with Carlos Puig, parents of Luis Enrique, Diego Antonio Maldonado and Ana Belen Sanchez Castaneda, who disappeared on July 21 in Paracho, Michoacan, Mexico, complain that the investigation to determine the whereabouts of their children doesn’t move.
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Ana, Luis and Diego: two months of uncertainty and impunity

Regeneración, 24 Sep, 2012

The young activists were abducted after having conducted a cultural workshop for children in the town Paracho, state Michoacán.

Diego Castañeda Antonio Maldonado (26) and Luis Enrique Castañeda Nava (28), members Citizens Movement party, who were abducted inside a hotel in Paracho, Michoacán, along with his partner psychologist Ana Belen Sanchez Mayorga, are still missing from July 22, 2012 Continue reading

Two months without news about three young persons kidnapped in Paracho

Relatives have found five versions, wrote to the President and visited SSP (Secretariat of Public Security)

Mexico • On 18 July, Diego Antonio Maldonado, Ana Belen Sanchez and Luis Enrique Castañeda went to Paracho, Michoacán, to offer a course of science and technology for children. They had to return to Mexico City on Sunday 22, but all of them were kidnapped few hours earlier.

Two months after the disappearance their parents have five versions of what happened. Municipal, state and federal authorities give contradictory explanations and inclined to shelve the issue, without an indication of what happened, nor the whereabouts of the activists and their captors. Continue reading