The demand to the authorities to act in the disappearance of the young people

Morelia, Mich. – “We are calling out to those who might have information, so that they can be found. They were helping the community, offering a workshop. They are not criminally involved and only came for the benefit of the citizens and the state. We are hoping and expect to see these young men and woman returned,” said the leader of the Citizen’s Movement in Michoacan, Aníbal Guerra Calderón, a facilitator supporting the search to find the three young people who have been missing since last Saturday in Paracho, Mich. This is about Luis Enrique Castañeda Nava, 28 years old, Diego Maldonado, 26 and Ana Belem Sánchez, all of whom came to Paracho in order to give a training workshop. Continue reading


A series of unfortunate events followed the presidential election of July 1st, 2012. It is not only about great suspicions of a presidency bought and imposed by the powers that be, but more pressing now are the disappearances of young people who have participated in the assemblies and marches against a candidate and his party with the poorest Mexican vote.

These unfortunate events are reminiscent of the 1970s and that they are reoccurring right now is a warning signal as to what that the next six years of Enrique Peña Nieto’s presidency can hold. These disappearances all occurred within the Institutional Revolutionary governments’ constituencies. Continue reading

El PRI and the Disappearance of Three Youths

English translation from POLYHYMNIA ROMAN’s Spanish
@Polimniaromana Fri July 27, 2012

What will the “new” PRI do with the disgruntled groups organizing themselves to prevent the continued validity of a falsified presidential election?
The people will not simply dissappear, they are seeking justice now. While the media does its job to report the discontentment of millions of citizens, especially young people, the “new” PRI begins to rehash past events that no one agrees with. Continue reading

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„Movimiento Ciudadano“ activists kidnapped

Press-clip from „El“ on July 26th 2012

This weekend two members of the party „Movimiento Ciudadano“ were abducted in Paracho, Michoacán. Luis Enrique Castañeda Nava, coordinator of the party’s youth movement and Diego Antonio Maldonado Castañeda, activist and psychologist, along with Ana Belen Sánchez, also psychologist, were hired by the town council to give a workshop for children at a local festival known as „Festival Internacional de Globos de Cantoya,“ (International Balloon Festival). Continue reading