Youths’ belongings found – “taken” from hotel in Paracho

By: Agencia Esquema
Morelia, Michoacan. 03/13/2013

The Movimiento Ciudadano youths’ belongings have been located. Several things they had brought with them to the Cantoya Balloon event, which took place last July 21st in Paracho, were located through a joint operation carried out by the federal and Purhépecha Plateau State.

However, the three young people: Luis Enrique Castañeda Nava, 28 years old, Diego Antonio Maldonado, 34, and Ana Belen Sanchez, 30, who were forcibly removed from the Hotel Santa Fe, in the town of Paracho, have not been located.

This was confirmed in an interview, said the attorney general of Michoacán, Placido Torres Pineda. On Sunday, operational staff of the Attorney General of the Republic, The 17th Infantry Battalion, the Ministry of Public Security, the state and institution he represents, began operating a large search of the Purhépecha Plateau, specifically in the vicinity of the shoals, (La Mina).

There, supported by an anthropologist, a special machine and several dogs, they made some excavations but unfortunately did not locate a body. Apart from the three missing Movimiento Ciudadano youths, there are many more who are wanted by the authorities.

The search continued on Monday and Tuesday, in water wells and ponds. Still, the authorities have not officially released the outcome of this impressive operation involving more than 50 federal and state officers.

Luis Enrique Castañeda served as state coordinator of the Youth Movement in Mexico City, was in charge of the Study Circle and Leader of Progressive Ideology interparty agreement and active member of the Congress of the Autonomous University of Mexico.

During this search, said Attorney Torres Pineda, the belongings of the three young people were found.

Agencia Esquema

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