Parents of missing youth in Paracho beg for their release

The parents of the three young people deprived of their liberty on 22 July in Paracho, Michoacan visited the capital in order to call for their release. At a press conference, Laura Beatriz Guerrero Castaneda, Guadalupe Nava, Juan Manuel Castañeda Guerrero said they do not need to know who took the youths, that the only thing they want is their freedom.

The parents were accompanied by the Movimiento Ciudadano senator, Luis Walton, who said that there are no political overtones behind the case, since the youths visited the town of Paracho because of an invitation from the House of Culture of the municipality, where they gave workshops for children at the Cantoya Balloon Festival.

He said they are not making any accusations against anyone, just asking for the release of the youths who are still missing. He added that there are investigations into the case but declined to say what progress has been made in this regard.

Neither the parents nor the senator would elaborate on the details of the case and the investigations’ progress. However, during the press conference Laura Beatriz Guerrero Castaneda read the following document:

“As you are aware, on 22 July this year, three young people disappeared in the town of Paracho. We are here today, the parents of these young people: Ana Belen Sanchez Mayorga, Diego Antonio Maldonado Castañeda and Luis Enrique Castañeda Nava , in order to send our request, asking for mercy, begging for mercy, to the people who have our children, that they would return them to us.

Our children have done nothing wrong, our children have never hurt anyone. Their only crime was to support the municipality of Paracho by giving children’s workshops at the invitation from Purepecha Centre for Arts and Culture. ”

Young Ana Belen, Diego Antonio are psychologists and graduates of the Universidad del Valle de Mexico, while Luis Enrique works as a communications specialist, has served as youth coordinator for the Movimiento Ciudadano party in Tlalpan, Mexico City, has participated in the study circles “Idea Progressive”, as well as in student life at the Autonomous University of Mexico City.

“Our children are good people. Our children are committed, willing to help communities. These three participated in the organization and giving of workshops for children in various cities.”

“I pray again for your compassion and mercy, for our children to be returned to us. Our children are hard-working and studious people. They are young as well. Please let them come back. Thanks for listening.”

Violet Gil
Morelia, Mich. | 07/08/2012


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