Violently supress a student strike action in towns on the state of Michoacán

To the international community To the international human rights organizations To the workers, civil rigts, and student movements Today, october 14th, the Federal Goverment of México, with complicity of the State of Michoacan, deployed Federal Police to violently supress a student strike action at the rural and indigenous teaching schools of Trietio, Arteaga, and Cherán, towns on the state of Michoacán.

Although details are still sketchy, because of a criminal campaign by stream media that effectively silences or skews all information about social unrest in the country, this local assembly of #YoSoy132 (#YoSoy132Regio) of Monterrey city wishes to express that it strongly rejects any and all repressive actions by the burgeoise state and its militarized goonies. This assembly wishes to call on all and every organization to closely monitor the situation, as many local organizations are planning movilizations in support of the repression, and may as well face state action. We celebrate any international expression of support against the dictatorial show of force of the mexican federal, state and local governments against this an all previous student and worker
strike actions.

We specially call for worker and student support through movilizations arond the mexican diplomatic outposts throughout the world.
A blow to one is a blow to all!
International Solidarity with Mexican Striking Students of Cherán!


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